How to gain muscle?


Do you want to gain muscle quickly and well?

First you have to start taking more calories to keep your muscles from growing. If you eat very rarely and eat 300g carbs a day, you will be bored by eating 6 times a day, and your weight will still be stagnant. Increase your carbohydrate intake to 7-8g per 1kg of body weight, hold protein at 2-2.2g per 1kg of body weight and fats in the range of 1-1.5g per 1kg of body weight. Do not be afraid of fat, if you draw from quality raw materials such as fish, omega 3-6, beef, egg yolks, cashews, etc., are beneficial to the body and help you in gaining muscle mass. So How to build muscle in the right way?

What to do when stagnation occurs?

It is best to increase serving in meals. Or try the guaranteed procedure: You take more calories a week and increase again for another week, so it’s time to do it again. The body must still be in shock so it can not adapt to any particular nutrient intake. Everything will get your body accustomed. It is almost impossible to get muscle mass to work with frequent feelings of hunger.

How fast can you get?

When you pick up 4-5kg per month, which is more than perfect, you can be extremely happy. It does not make much sense because it’s all going to fat and not to muscle. Correct timing of supplements. We should be aware of when and how to timely the supply of supplements. Carbohydrates are a very important energy ingredient for muscle building. Therefore, they are necessary for our organism throughout the day when we can supplement the carbohydrates in the form of diets or supplements. We consume the carbohydrate drink about 30 minutes before strength training and it is important to drink this drink immediately after the exercise.

how to gain muscles

Proteins are a very common topic when and how to use this supplement. Many of us think it’s right to get a lot of protein right after finishing the workout, and somewhere in the background is a carbohydrate drink, but in the previous article on carbohydrates, we were able to find out how important it is to consume a carbohydrate drink right after physical exercise. When we use only a protein drink after training, some people may experience weakness, but also nausea or fainting. Low blood sugar is behind everything.

If the body does not add enough energy to regenerate it and accept only protein supplementation, the body complexes the protein into the deficient carbohydrates in the body, which in this case is more important than protein. If there is a lack of nutrients in the body for regeneration, the glycogen is extracted from the muscles and it is certainly not the goal of any of us.


What are mistakes when picking up?

The biggest mistake is lack of food, poor training and rest when these three factors are not 100% hard to gain weight. The more you eat, the better for you. I do not mean KCF or McDonald etc., but good food. Training must be tough and you must give the body the maximum impulse to grow. How do I replace 2 meals when I do not crack? Food can be replaced with a protein-carbohydrate drink. Another choice of dried meat, jerks, is that protein bars contain enough protein and carbohydrates. Among bodybuilders is a very popular cottage cheese, which contains about 20g of full-value protein and is a very fast snack.